Harry Maguire has allegedly been involved in a brawl in Greece after his younger sister was reportedly stabbed, according to local media reports.

The Manchester United centre-back was arrested along with two other men after a fight broke out outside a bar in Mykonos last week.

Maguire’s sister Daisy was stabbed in the arm with a “sharp object” – causing the England defender to step in.

When police arrived to break up the fight, the United captain was allegedly “verbally abusive to an officer and then hit him.”

Police officers involved suffered facial injuries during the altercation in which they were hurled to the ground, punched and kicked, police say.

Maguire, along with the two other men aged 28 and 29 spent two nights in a cell before being freed.

Maguire and and the two men have been accused of bodily harm and “serial insult”. Maguire is also facing charges of serial bribery and violence against officals.

The maximum sentence for bribery in Greece is three years in prison.

His lawyer told local media he is in “excellent condition” and “everything is going well”.

Konstantine Darivas added: “Maguire denies the allegations against him. Fortunately, we will get rid of it tomorrow.”

“There was a group of guys who had been chanting at Harry on Wednesday night, but it was a bit of banter,” one eye witness reported.

“On Thursday they were more aggressive, saying, ‘F*** United’.

“They were trying to wind him up. They were also trying to mess around with a group of girls there.

“Harry got upset. They told Harry, ‘F*** United’ again and a brawl started with Harry’s mates.

“As they fell to the ground Harry was kicking the guys in the back. The girls were screaming.

“Two or three police came but Harry was so strong and upset that they couldn’t pin him down.

“He was screaming at them, they had a really hard time — at least one police officer was hurt.

“It took more than five officers to get him down.”

Manchester United are set to face Burnley in the opening matchday of the 2020-21 Premier League season.