Thursday, June 27, 2019

Oldest & Youngest Players

Who exactly is the youngest player in the A-League? And how old is the oldest? Find out these answers right now!

Also check out the A-League Player Birthdays list to see whose birthday it is today!

Oldest Players

James Holland

49 years, 177 days old

Abraham Majok

49 years, 177 days old

Keegan Smith

49 years, 177 days old

Massimo Maccarone

39 years, 294 days old

Tim Cahill

39 years, 203 days old

Michael Theo

38 years, 135 days old

Eugene Galekovic

38 years, 14 days old

Liam Reddy

37 years, 323 days old

Luke Wilkshire

37 years, 268 days old

Joshua Rose

37 years, 193 days old

Youngest Players

Lachlan Brook

18 years, 138 days old

John Roberts

18 years, 157 days old

Dylan Pierias

19 years, 127 days old

Christian Theoharous

19 years, 203 days old

Conor Metcalfe

19 years, 234 days old

James Delianov

19 years, 250 days old

Dane Ingham

20 years, 19 days old

Marc Tokich

20 years, 43 days old

Sarpreet Singh

20 years, 127 days old

Daniel Arzani

20 years, 174 days old

Check out the full list of player ages here!

If you believe any of the above figures are inaccurate, please let us know.

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