LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 05: James Milner of Liverpool celebrates after scoring his team's second goal during the Premier League match between Liverpool FC and Leicester City at Anfield on October 05, 2019 in Liverpool, United Kingdom. (Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images)

The Premier League is back!

The 18th June (AEDT) is the date that has been set to resume the EPL season, with the games being played on the weekend of June 19-21 AEDT.

The first games to resume will involve the four teams waiting to play games that were postponed due to the League Cup final between Manchester City and Aston Villa. City will face Arsenal, while Villa will take on Sheffield United on June 18 AEDT.

One thing above all is certain no matter what – Liverpool need just two wins to seal the title.

There are some underlying issues with the return that need to be solved.

While the League is back, there needs to be government approval and just how the fixture will finish up and the exact date Premier league officials are looking at to finish the season, all the while getting broadcast deals up and running to finish off the remaining 92 games.

Neutral grounds were flirted with by Premier League officials to make it a more even competition, but relegation bound clubs were against this notion and made it clear they wanted to finish their home games at home, even without crowds.

Neutral grounds are still on the agenda for some selected fixtures, but it’s looking more likely the Premier League will opt to go with clubs finishing their home games at their own home grounds albeit no fans in the stadium.

The fear within the league and in particular police officers, is crowds coming together outside these stadiums to catch a glimpse of the games, especially with a number of big profile games to play such as the north London derby of Tottenham-Arsenal, increasing the chance of a spread of coronavirus, not adhering to social distancing and police officers working more to keep fans separate.

Players from Watford and Bournemouth have already tested positive to COVID-19, but with testing being done on a regular basis, should a player test positive, it will be known quickly which will avoid the chance of a spread even further.

It would take something catastrophic for the Premier League to again be cancelled, but officials are preparing for all and any outcomes.

There is still plenty to play for this season and many twists and turns can still take place.

Although Liverpool appear to have the title wrapped up and Manchester City a clear second, there are still Champions League positions to be taken care of.

The battle for the two remaining Champions League spots involve Leicester City, Chelsea, Manchester United, Wolves, Sheffield United, Tottenham and Arsenal, where from ninth to fourth is only separated by eight points, so anything can happen on that front.

The relegation battle also continues, with six teams in the bottom half only separated by just eight points, while five of them are only separated by four points, so there is everything to play for on that front to remain in the Premier League.

The best part though, the excitement of the Premier League is back.