GOSFORD, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 28: Usain Bolt trains during a Central Coast Mariners training session at Central Coast Stadium on August 28, 2018 in Gosford, Australia. (Photo by Ashley Feder/Getty Images)

Former Central Coast Mariners captain Nick Montgomery, now an assistant coach at the club, says the public should not dismiss Usain Bolt so easily as a gimmick.

“Players who people maybe don’t think are going to make it professionally, a lot of times they prove people wrong, because they’re the ones who’ve got the desire and the determination,” Montgomery told the Australian Associated Press.

“For me, that always outweighs talent in naturally gifted players. I’ve seen it numerous times.”

Montgomery said he was taken aback by how genuine Bolt seemed about his desire to play football professionally.

“It’s definitely no joke for him. He’s got a lot to lose,” Montgomery said.

“He’s just a top guy, a really humble guy. He’s just so determined to prove everybody wrong.

“To get to number one sprinter in the world, he probably had many doubters at the time that thought he couldn’t do that.

“For the modern day footballer, number one, you have to be an athlete. So he ticks that box; he’s a mountain of a man. But it’s a different type of athlete to be a footballer.

“Only time will tell.”